What Do Cats Eat ?

What Do Cats Eat And Drink ?

What do cats eat ?      
     Many cat lovers ask me about what do cats eat and drink , and from my experience with cats, i wrote this article about what do cats eat and drink , what is the best food for cats and the worse, and types of cat food, and many other points about cat food, so lets begin.
     Domestic cats and wild cats have some different rules depending on where they are. Most diets contain meat from different animals, but vegetables and other items can be put into the cat food a pet cat to give a more balanced diet . Therefore, schemes will be considered for comparison purposes . Although it is not entirely true that the plans will give the viewer an idea of what would each plan. Are interesting creatures and their diets are equally interesting .All cats are carnivores, so get all their nutrients from meat. If a cat has Access to the outside, you could eat small birds, mice, rats and other small animals. Cat food high in meat is ideal because it provides the cat with all necessary. As for the liquid, cats do not drink much. They have evolved to get all need moisture in their prey, so that feeding wet food every day or invest in something like a water fountain for pets is important.
     They eat most types of meat that is raw or cooked chicken, turkey, rabbit, lamb. Cats that have access to the outdoors often hunt and eat mice, birds and other wildlife. Tuna and white fish are also generally Easily accept and many owners use this as a gift. While cats basically need meat, no cats to chew on some pleasure vegetables. However, little nutrition is obtained, it is best to follow a pulpy food. Make sure you do not give your cat too much cheese. they can get sick or have diarrhea.
Cats eat many foods, including dry cat food , wet food for cats , mice and catnip more. They often eat their prey and meat like chicken.

When do Cats Eat And Drink ?

  • Provide enough food. As with any physical body, whether human or animal, high levels of calories burned by the body just to keep warm. So make sure that you are provided with an adequate supply of nutritious food.  
  • Cats that spend time outdoors just need more space. Feeding a regular schedule is also important. Your cat waiting food and it is supposed to, so the food will spend less time in the cold. Ideally, you can provide your cat with a simple power station that includes a roof and sides so that your cat will be protected from the elements while dinner. 

Type of Cat Food 

Type Of Cat Food
  •  we must know what do cats eat , to keep them happy and safe , for that we need to know more about types of cat food.
  • Reject brands with ingredients such as cereals, maize, wheat The gluten, cereals and various sugars that these ingredients have little or no nutritional value for cats.  Moist foods are often much easier to find than dry one of the most important parts of a cat food.  
  • The dry food contains moisture, so is quite dehydrating and can cause bladder problems. Cats are very ill drinkers, even when they are thirsty. This is because they have evolved to get any moisture they need from their prey (their ancestors were cats that lived in very dry and arid environments where water was hard to find), and therefore have a low " thirst drive " and often do not seek water on their own. This It is a trait that has been passed down through thousands of years. canned or food bag has anywhere between 60 to 80 % water. Because the nature of a cat dam is approximately 65 % to 75% water.
  • Cats can eat crunchy foods, yes. Dry cat food is hard and crunchy. However, many cats do not usually chew crunchy foods such , many will bite once or twice, or even swallow them whole. 
  • Wet food provides a cat with more than enough water each day. Many brands of dry food, including, but not limited to, Purina, Friskies, Whiskas , Iams , Science Diet, etc. , regardless of the price, contain a large concentrations of carbohydrates, or charges, such as corns, grains and cereals.
  • Cats can not digest , and often stored as fat or expelled. these charges is used instead of meat because, compared with the beef which is less expensive, and contributes to hold the kibble together. However, some brands of dry food such as high quality Orijen , Innova and Applaws are free of grains and cereals. 
  • Cats require meat protein, plant protein based not. Cats often eat too much food of inferior quality because they are not getting all the nutrients you need, which can lead obesity and other health problems that can significantly shorten the life of a cat and quality of life in general. Many feed dry food only in the conviction that dry food clean teeth. This is , in fact, has not yet been scientifically proven.

Best Food For Cats

Best food for Cats

  • As for the Best food for cats, as has been said , fish, tuna, and chicken, and perhaps other types of meat occasionally. I would not recommend the cheese (unless you can find a subsitute lactose ). Of course, the cat food should be an important part of the diet because it contains, in particular, the nutrients a cat needs.
  • Make sure the food you give your cat incudes the right balance and the right proportion of proteins, fats and oils , minerals, vitamins , carbohydrates and water. Read product ingredients and offer the best cat food your budget allows you to purchase . Remember , cats are carnivores, and without a sufficient amount of animal protein , cats become malnourished and may even become blind.
  • Commercially prepared foods with meat , cereals , fruits , rice and other elements in it . There are many different flavors and variety of food that the cat can eat like a king every day.
  • cat loves cheese, but do not give much or get sick
  • fish (salmon, ocean whitefish, tuna).
  • Chicken.
  • Birds.

Worse Food For Cats

  •  Cats are carnivores, so it 's great to find a brand of cat food that has a lot meat in. Cats, even domestic, needs no vegetables or cereals. 
  • Cats Drink water, DO NOT GIVE MILK ! Milk does a baby of less than 5 months of sick cat.
    The cat does not drink cow's milk. They are lactose intolerant. Anyway, it's not good for them. Their stomachs can not handle. it will only lead to vomiting or diarrhea.
  • Only kittens should drink milk from its mother. Never give a kitten or cat cow milk. because it has some special substances only for a cat.

     I hope i have answered your questions about what do cats eat and drink ! if not please ask me what you want, i will be happy to answer you again.