Do Female Cats Spray ?

Do Female Cats Spray ?

Do Female Cats Spray

Before we start to know if Do Female Cats Spray, we need to ask alot of Questions :
  • Cats spray when the heat ? 
  • Aerosol cats whereas in the warm? 
  • Cats spray their territory ? 
  • Cats spray when sterilized ? 
  • When neutered cats spray ? 
  • Aerosol cats too? 
  • Cats spray after being neutered ? 
  • Spraying urine in cats ? 
  • Female cats spray after being neutered ? 
  • Why female cats spray in the house?
  • Do female cats spray ?
  • Do female cats spray when in heat ?
  • Do female cats spray while in heat ?
  • Do female cats spray their territory?
  • Do female cats spray when spayed ?
  • Do female cats spray when neutered ?
  • Do female cats spray after they are spayed ?
  • Do female cats spray urine ?
  • Do female cats spray after being spayed ?
  • why do female cats spray in the home ?
Lets start answers now !!

Cats Spray

     Cat behavior generally refers to the behaviors and habits of domestic cats, including body language and communication. Cat behavior varies between breeds and individuals, and between cultures. Many common behaviors include hunting techniques and reactions to certain events and interactions with humans and other animals, like dogs. Communication can vary considerably depending on the temperament of a cat. In a multi-cat family, social position can also change the behavior patterns of others. Food habits of a cat may also vary depending on the choice of the owner of the food or eating time / quantity. For a family with two or more cats, a cat may become dominant.
     The main reason cats spray urine on surfaces such as tree trunks, walls or furniture is to announce the availability of the coupling to other cats. When the cats come into season, they know where to find a male or Female. Force Castration lowered down on the spray behavior. However, cats spray urine for more reasons just to attract a mate. They also use it to mark their territory. Brands of old aerosol perfume can reinforce the habit of spraying. Cats back to the same places to spray. If these places are cleaned and smelling of cat urine, so that helps cats have scent spray recall trigger the behavior.
Cats often spray to attract the male cat. Spraying usually occurs when she is in heat and leaving their scent to attract a male cat . Can also be the result of stress.Spray the cats, like their male counterparts. The spray is a process where a cat deposits a small amount of urine on vertical, such as furniture, doors and wall surfaces. This is normal in many cats.
Do Female Cats Spray Too ?
If you own a cat sometimes he had a problem spraying at least once. The spray is another type of problem urination in that instead of pee on the floor or in a litter box for your cat will go on a vertical surface such as a chair leg or the amount generally leads to nose to smell other cats. It is important to note that, in some cases, also female cat urine sprayed directly on the ground.
Many cat owners surprised to know that female cats can spray too. When a cat shows this behavior, marking his territory because she feels she is in danger. This may be due to something that has changed in the house, or it could be because she saw a strange cat outside.You must be a detective and find out what might be causing her to feel threatened. Have more than one cat ? If so, maybe their relationship has changed. Cats that are stressed spray should not punish your cat. Go to the root of the problem. Something has changed in or around your home, and is the cause of your cat for alarm. It may be something that seems minor to you, but it is an important concern for your cat.Areas where releases can help provide clues about what might be the cause. If you are spraying around windows, it could mean that she saw a cat outside. 

Why Do Cats Sprying ?

Do Female Cats Spray
     Unlike dogs, sprying is rare in cats. However, some cats can spray or to mark their territory, or when stressed, such as during a car trip. Very often cats spray in response to environmental changes, such as anxiety, fear, excitement, or heat. However, if excessive spraying or cat seems distressed, it is important to identify the underlying cause, such as wheezing can be a symptom of a more serious, such as nasal obstruction disease, heartworm disease, head trauma, or poisoning drug. Other problems, such as fatigue, weight loss, loss of appetite, excessive drinking, vomiting or diarrhea may also be present. If wheezing seems to be in response to cold or fear, the owner must remove the stimulus and continue to monitor your pet. If you still panting, the owner should consult a veterinarian. In many cases, the cat wheezing, especially if accompanied by other symptoms such as cough or shallow breathing (dyspnea ) is considered abnormal, and treated as a medical emergency. and there are many causes for Cats Spraying :
  • Spraying Cats in New Home
  • Male cats spray problems
  • Male cats spray after being neutered
  • Spayed female cat spraying
  • Spray male cat after neutral

Why Do Female Cats Spray?

  • Cats may spray when frightened or angry. Also spray to mark their territory. Many people think that only male cats spray, but women do it for different reasons.
  • Take your cat to the vet if their behavior changes to prevent disease. Cats who have a urinary tract infection (UTI ) may include garbage and pain stop using it.  
  • In fact, the term is sterilized. This is where the "fixed" cat also means it can not reproduce. The word is a male cat spray where you left nasty.
  • As mentioned, branding is a means for a female cat to attract a mate. Therefore, in a frame inside, cats can start dialing as a normal instinctive behavior. This behavior may be inadvertently reinforced and eventually becomes habit.
  • Studies have shown that certain environmental conditions contribute to behavioral problem. The frustration and stress seem to be key factors. A new cat in the house, inattention, punishment, a change in routine, a new house, or even a new person in the house can lead to urine marking behavior. 

Cats Spray Treatment 

  • A tranquilizing drug called diazepam is the most effective treatment for cats.Treatment with progestin, a hormone, may be recommended. Unfortunately, there are numerous side effects and progestogen is effective in at least 10 % of female cats.
  •  Drug doses can be reduced as the cat behavior decreases and is eventually abandoned treatment or may remain low. Always ask about side effects and drug reactions of all veterinary prescribed medication.The following surgical treatments may be recommended :
  •  A combination of castration and progestin may be recommended. If was determined and neutering your cat this procedure may be an option. Unfortunately, the success rate of this method is only about 13%.
  •  Your veterinarian may suggest an olfactory tractotomy. This procedure removes the sense of smell cat. Few effects of surgical risk and some side. Although this method is very effective, I would say, as an alternative to euthanasia. I think cats like to " smell the roses " too!
There Are Many Tips on Stopping Cats Spray, so lets talk about them.

How To Prevent Cats Spraying ?

Do Female Cats Spray ?

Below, all steps to do to Stop Cat Spraying
  • The first thing you should do is to identify the cause of the problem. If you are able to identify stressors that may be causing the problem you may be able to reduce. This will eliminate the signals that trigger the behavior, so it is easier to correct the behavior. References at the end contain ideas for reducing common stress factors.
  • The second thing to do is clean the dirty with a cleaner that does not contain ammonia areas. The ammonia odor attracts cats as it is similar to his own urine. A solution of vinegar and water or a cleaning product from a pet shop or veterinary clinic should be used to clean the area(s).
  • Place food and water the cat in the place (s) where cat brands. The cat is less likely to mark near its food and water. 
  • a sheet of plastic or aluminum in the base rather than the location of the mark and the marking site. The cat does not like the sound and feel associated with them. The cat may also not feel the site before scoring if the dialing pattern is altered. 
  • Pepper or cat repellent on the site (s) may deter the cat marking. 
  • Place a tray of cones or balls at the bottom of the site (s) marking. Similarly, covering the base of the site with mousetraps increase is suggested by some experts. 
  • While you are conducting your research on the cause, do not forget to clean and neutralize the areas that have been treated. An enzymatic cleaner will remove the stain and odor. Using a household cleaner covers only the smell. Sensitive nose of a cat still be able to detect traces of urine to shoot him to return to this place.
  • Spray the cat with water as it begins marking can be a deterrent. The cat does not know where the water comes. If the cat associates the pain with the site (s) and behavior rather than the owner, is more efficient. 
When these methods are used to pay special attention to the reaction of the cat. If the anxiety level increases the cat and then stop and move on to another method.
     So, Do Female Cats Spray ? Yes, we already know that now, and we know how the prevent that too. and we still love our cats, because they are amazing creatures. and will stay loving them no matter they do!! lol